Through its’ PureMonics™ brand products CPI Group Limited is the leader in providing integrated power quality solutions for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. PureMonics™ provides quality products and proven innovative technologies to help our clients maintain a reliable cost-efficient electrical distribution system. PureMonics™ design engineers are committed to provide the highest quality products for maximum investment value. PureMonics™ innovative network of power products include, but are not limited to:

TMaG Technology

Power factor (PF) correction with harmonic resistant technology to increase PF and eliminate utility imposed penalties in potentially harmonic rich environments.
Fully Automatic and Static systems available (Download PDF of Product Sheet).

Pure60 Technology
Power factor (PF) with harmonic filtering technology to reduce harmonic currents, I2 R loss and energy demand.

Harmonic Blocking Filters
Designed to reduce harmful harmonic currents in the secondary of 120v/208v 3 Phase distribution systems.

Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS)
Designed to reduce the risk of damage to electronic equipment due to impulse transients (e.g. lightning strike) and switching transients. PureMonics™ provides TVSS for secondary distribution panels as well as for main service entrances.

Panel Meters
Monitor electrical distribution system for Voltage (E), Current (I), Real Power (W), Reactive Power (Var), Apparent Power (VA), Power Factor (PF), Voltage & Current Unbalance, Voltage Sags & Swells and Harmonics. PureMonics™ offers a variety of energy management applications for basic metering, load profiling, complex billing and cost allocation, as well as power quality diagnostics.

From distributed generation and load management to back-up power for mission critical applications, PureMonics™ provides total system integration.